2001 VW Jetta

Hello, my Jetta ran out of gas, and now after fill up it runs ruff and the check engine light comes on with the emmissions workshop desplay…

Yes, these things will happen when you allow a modern car to run out of gas.

Ruff, ruff.

what do i do now to get it to run right

any thoughts?

You could try replacing the fuel filter.

If the check engine light is on you’ll have to have the codes read to see why it came on.

It might be a good idea to have the stored code read and then having it reset. Some auto part stores will do this for free. Write down the code. It should be in the format of P1234. Post the reply back here and let us comment.

Running out of gas confuses modern car's computers. 

If the parts store can't read the code it is likely a special VW code You 2001 Jetta may need a VAGCOM reader.  The more recent VW reader can also read it but it is not necessary for all by very recent VWs.

This might be one of the VERY FEW auto related things that will heal itself in several start/run/stop cycles while the computer re-educates itself.