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2001 Volvo s40 headlamps not working after battery replacement

Hello- I have a 2001 Volvo s40 for which I had the battery replaced two days ago. Since then, neither of the headlights is working. (The high beams work fine). Both headlamp bulbs are less than one year old, but they were replaced at different times within the past year. Could there be a fuse problem? Anything else I shoudl try? Thanks.

There could be seperate fuses for the lights but I rather doubt it. It is more than likely the lows are burned out. You can lose one side and not know it until the other goes out. I would try a replacement bulb to see what that does. If it doesn’t help then I would check the light switch next for a problem.

Thanks. I will try that.

Volvo low beam headlights are on all the time and don’t last long. You likely need new bulbs. Since a Volvo dealer will charge major rip off prices you need to figure out how to change the bulbs yourself. They aren’t too expensive at an auto parts store. Don’t get the fancy high priced bulbs, they burn out even faster.