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2000 Volvo S40 electrical / low beam problem


My low beams stopped working - first the drivers side and just recently the passengers side. Yes, I’ve tried new bulbs. I’ve also replaced the headlight assemblies themselves hoping it would fix the problem. The fuses seem fine - I’ve swapped they in the past though not recently. The high beams are fine - so would this rule out a grounding problem?

Any ideas what I can try - possible cause?

I’ve read nightmarish tales of electrical problems and would like to avoid paying $300 to have someone look at this because the car is old and I am broke.

Thanks for any help!

If the high and low beam lights are in the same bulb then it would seem there is a ground problem for the low side since I would then assume they share a common power source. You should get at least a test light probe so you can check for power on the wiring.