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2001 Volvo S-80 T-6

On average, how many miles should you get out of the '01 S-80 before coils are broken and plugs are bad? Bought the car used about 3 years ago, currently has 50,387 miles.

On any other car about 100K miles, but a Volvo? 30K miles is pretty standard for Volvo to recommend new plugs, so 50K is overdue. Old plugs can make the coils work harder and perhaps cause the coil(s) to fail.

My standard advice for owner’s of old Volvo’s is sell it. This is based on my experience owning '98 and '00 V70XC’s. If you keep it be prepared to spend $2,000 a year on repairs (not including tires, brakes, and routine oil changes).

Thanks for the info, I’ve already determined that the car needs to go away. Don’t plan on buying another. Have had so many mechanical issues with this car and it has only a bit over 50,000 miles. What a shame. A '99 S-70 apparenlty saved my life in a terrible wreck so felt compelled to purchase another Volvo…perhaps structurally they’re very safe, but mechanical aspects are a major safety concern from my experience and I think there are lots of safe cars on the market these days. Bye-bye Volvo! Thanks again for the info!