2001 Volvo s80


Im thinking of buying a used one.

Any thoughts about this car would be appreciated.


car has 70,000 miles


Its listed in Consumer Reports as a used car to avoid.


I would pass on it. The new Volvo’s are EXTREMELY expensive to repair. You can probably find some info online, but I know that the 1999 and 2000 models were terrible in terms of reliability. I’m not sure if the 2001’s were better.

I have a 2004 S80, and it has been OK so far. (56000 miles). The transmissions are not known for longevity, so I plan to get rid of it in about a year.


You might want to visit volvoforums.com’s S80 section to see what’s going on with these cars. The transmission issues seem to be largely taken care of after 2001 when they changed from the GM transmission. As the prior poster mentioned they can be expensive cars to maintain. However, most cities have independent Volvo specialists who can maintain your car cheaper than going to the dealer. I have had Volvos since 1987 and really like them. My current one is a 2002.5 S80 that I bought new and has been very trouble free. Have it checked out before you buy. They are great cars but you do have to maintain them.


And now, don’t ask if an Audi would be a good one. I also don’t recommend your third choice, a Saab. If everybody liked the new Camry for around 31,000 dollars, I would save some words. I would just say yes. Get the rocker panel option that makes the car look great when you open the door.