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New/Used 01 Volvo s60 help!

First off i want to start by saying hi to everyone in the cartalk community i am new here and new to cars in general

I am in the market for a used car one one particular a 2001 Volvo s60 T5 with about 100k on it and i wanted to get your guys a opinion on the car

Good choice?

is it still a good choice at 100k

what should i be looking for before purchasing anything Volvo specific

what question should i ask ?

should i purchase in extended warranty due to the age and nature of vehicle ? …thanks for the help ahead of time guys

Volvo’s are pricey to repair, and this one is aging. I would look for a camry or accord in the same age bracket, more likely to keep running for cheap

A second…in the used market, Camrys and Accords hold up better. I would consider a used Volvo if it were nearly free and a close relative/friend did repairs and parts for substantial discounts…

If you buy this car definately get the extended warranty. Very expensive to repair and based on my experience with a '98 Volvo V70XC lots of things can and will go wrong.

Volvo makes a safe comfortable car. They also make very complicated brakes, fuel systems (mine had 2 gas tanks), and the like. You can expect a number of electrical problems to pop up and there is a sensor for virtually everything on the car. When a sensor goes, everythings goes haywire until it is repaired.

My opinion of Volvo is good new car (due to warranty), good cars to lease and turn in. Not good used cars due to repairs. I had mine from Jan. 04 until Jan. 09 and in those 5 years spent over $2,000 a year and drove the car about 50,000 miles. This amount is not talking about oil changes, inspections, and tires. Fuel pump (1,000), front end suspension (2,500), brakes with parking brakes (3,000), Mass Air Valve (900), drive shaft (1200), CV joints and front drive axels (1500), 2-motor mounts (400), rear end mount (400) and a few more I forget at the moment.

Wow sounds like there kind of iffy after first couple years use from i was told they were very solid cars goes to show you. what would and average warranty cost on a car like this i am in ny i know its kind of hard to gauge but any edjucated guess will be appreciated.

lol well now that I am just about scared out a Volvo does anybody have any other cars in that kind of caliber or style to recommend that do hold up good as a used car…i looked at both Camry and accord but just not completely to my liking yes i know i can be very picky but who isn’t sometimes but will go to the accord route if its really the best thing to do. once again thanks for the help guys

for what its worth here is a slide show of the vehicle

Vs my Japanese junker Subaru which in 8 years and 120K miles was one oil seal repaired at 60k during timing belt change and two rewelds on o2 sensor. No brake jobs, original battery, oil and filter changes, one set of plugs , one set of snows and two sets of all season tires. Body work with a deer collision…deer died, Subaru lived on with lots of dents on under carriage from going where it should never have.
That’s why Volvo may be sold to a Chinese firm…may they improve.

According to Consumer Reports the S60 is the best of the '01 Volvos, rating ‘average’ on overall reliability. A car you might look at is the Lexus ES300/330, ‘much better than average’ in those years. I like my '96, haven’t found something I like better (yet).

Be afraid, be very afraid…some people are ambivalent about older Camrys. I’ve yet to meet someone that didn’t like their Accord. Our two kids are presently trying to beat two to death with over 200K each.

“for what its worth here is a slide show of the vehicle http://www…lor=CA0100”

Nice looking car…like a high priced you know what, she’ll look great on your arm, til you get the bill the morning after.