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2001 Volkswagen Golf - noise after engine overhaul

Please assist me, I’m driving a golf mk4 2.0L APK engine, the engine was overhauled few weeks ago and now when I accelerate is sound like automatic car. What might be the cause, thank you in advance

If I am interpreting that correctly, you are trying to tell us that your car has a manual shift, but it “sounds like” it has an automatic transmission. Is that correct?

If that is the case, then we really need a more complete explanation of what you are hearing, and when you are hearing it, because your statement doesn’t make very much sense–in my opinion.

Have you asked the shop that did the overhaul this question ?

My car is manual, but when I accelerate it makes a sound like is automatic and when I hear this sound I just leave accelerator a bit then it will come to a normal sound

OK, that really does not mean much. You still have not said if you asked the shop to look at this vehicle . The longer you wait the less likely the shop will be willing to solve this problem.

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