Manual 1998 Toyota Corolla sounds like an automatic

My toyota conquest sounds like automatic when driving after changing gears

Wow, so you have a Toyota with a manual transmission that ‘sounds like’ an automatic transmission when you shift gears. That is a complaint I have never heard of before. Have a passenger record this phenomenon and post the video.

I’d like to hear it too. What exactly does an automatic transmission sound like? As a wild guess I’d say your transmission is low on oil or possibly has a bad bearing.

I expect what the OP is experiencing is the clutch slipping. Thus, the engine speed and the car speed are not always in direct proportion. The slippage mimics a torque converter.
Bad news: clutches are not cheap.

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Now that I think about it you’re probably right, @oldnotdeadyet

Bad news: clutches are not cheap.

Still cheaper than an automatic rebuild that is one big reason I will not have a automatic,