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Toyota echo 2000

while driving, i noticed that when i floor the gas pedal to go faster, the engine revs up and takes about a second or 2 until the car accelerates. i also noticed that if i let go of the gas pedal while the engine revs then the car doesn’t go any faster, it just revs then goes back to normal. Whats going on?

If it is a manual transmission then you probably need a new clutch.

If it is an automatic transmission then you probably need to have it rebuilt. However, if it is an automatic transmission before you drive it again check the fluid. If the fluid is low don’t drive it until you can fill it with the correct amount and type of fluid. Then get it directly to a shop to have the leak repaired. Make sure you check the owner’s manual for the proper procedure for checking the fluid - its normally with the car hot and running and in park.

Your description almost sounds like normal function. You may be best off taking the car to a shop (preferably an independent transmission shop, since your concern sounds transmission related) and have a mechanic test drive the car with you. Describe what is going on and point it out to the mechanic as they drive. They can tell you what is wrong, if anything.

If it’s a manual and you’re flooring it without shifting, the clutch is slipping.
If it’s an automatic, it’s taking a moment to downshift…perfectly normal.

If it’s an automatic, you’re the original owner, and it’s taking longer than it used to, check the tranny fluid per the owner’s manual and then bring it to a shop for a checkup.