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2001 Toyota Tacoma Noise

I drive a manual tacoma. I noticed a week ago, that there is a noise the car makes at certain speeds. I notice it at 25 mph in second and it gets more frequent after that. It sounds like a whom whom whom and speeds up as I go faster. The steering wheel does not shake and the tires are balanced and have enough air in them. The truck was in a recent development. I lost control of the truck on a mountain road and ended up skidding to a stop sideways after hitting a large water puddle. The truck didn’t strike anything and came to a stop on it’s own power. What could be causing the noise?

Uneven tire wear?

A bad wheel bearing?

My guess would be tyre unusual tyre wear. That skidding stop could have been the cause. Have your tyres rotated and see if it changes or inspect the tyres or have them inspected to see if someone spots the wear. You might even have one or more slipped belts in a tyre. If you look at the tread as someone drives slowly away from you, it would appear as the tread moving back and forth.

Good Luck