2001 Toyota Sequoia exterior door handle replacement

My 2001 Toyota Sequoia was broken into. The thief used what looks to be a flat blade screw driver to pull the part of the door handle that has the cup geometry where your hand goes away from the door so that he/she could access the inside of the door and trigger the latch mechanism. The part with the cup geometry has a notch knocked out of it but the sheet metal of the door looks perfect (no bowing or paint scratch in the door itself). The door latch works and when I try and push the door latch against the door it will sit flat but feels like whatever holds the lower edge to the door is broken. OK, now the question… Do I just have the dealership fix it OR do I order the color matched exterior door handle from the dealership and attempt to fix it myself? What is involved in fixing it? Any instructions on how to remove the interior panel? What parts do you think I need to order? The entire assembly or just the hand cup part and rubber gasket that is used between the door and the hand cup part? Thanks in advance!

Check with a body shop, they maybe able to fix it or order another one for less than the Toyota dealer wants for the job.

This would be a comp claim if you turn it into insurance. It would not raise your rates. Replace the affected parts at a shop.