2001 Toyota RAV4 - should I remove the thermostat?

Should I remove the thermostat in high temperature countries?

No, thermostat is require for proper engine performance.


If the thermostat is working correctly there’s no need to remove it. Why do you ask? Is the vehicle overheating?

The vehicle is not overheating but the coolant is overflowing from its tin which causes loss of coolant

I’d try a new radiator cap first.

If a new radiator cap doesn’t fix it, have it checked for a bad head gasket.


Hi Charles:
No. There are many reasons the thermostat must remain in the vehicle.

  • One is your car’s OBDII electronic controls need to see the engine reach operating temperature before switching to the more efficient closed loop mode.
  • Another is the thermostat helps to slow the circulation flow of coolant down enough for the hot coolant to “cool off” while passing through the radiator. This is especially true in hotter climates.
  • A third is your thermostat is needed for your car to reach operating temperature quickly. Without a thermostat, you may never reach operating temperature.

You definitely have a problem. (Radiator cap, or bad thermostat, or bad head gasket, or blocked radiator, or a slipping water pump impeller, slipping belt on the water pump). It’s worth doing a proper analysis on it to save yourself wasting time and money on needless parts replacement.