Fan taking long to kick in

Good day.l.recently removed my car thermostat due to extremely hot weather conditions but l now have a problem that the fan is taking long to kick in…does it means the engine is not reaching its full oparating temperature…thank you.

Yes. Removing the thermostat will prevent the engine from reaching and maintaining it’s optimal operating temperature. This decreases efficiency and performance and can lead to problems down the road. The thermostat is a crucial function of the operation of your engine. If your engine does not heat or cool properly with the correct and functioning thermostat you need to troubleshoot and repair the actual cause of the problem.


Does your vehicle have a temperature gauge? If so, what does it register? If it stays in the normal range, the fan may not be needed. It’s not necessary to remove a properly functioning thermostat. Put it back in and see if the fan starts working normally again.

It does have a normal temperature…it does not overheat…l did run the engine at idling for around 30 mins but the fan still did not kick in

Will put the thermo back and see what will happen

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I have gotten codes for cold motor on 2 cars. Why don’t you? I know your motor takes longer to warm up then expected.

Then I’m not sure what the problem is except the thermostat is missing. If the vehicle isn’t overheating without the fan running it obviously doesn’t need to run. Of course, the fan isn’t running because the engine isn’t getting warm enough and the engine isn’t getting warm enough because there’s no thermostat. If you really want the fan to run and you’re handy you can probably rig a remote switch to turn it on manually but that’s a bad idea. A better one is to replace the thermostat.

No . . .

don’t put the old thermostat back in

Put in a brand new thermostat of the correct rating

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Agreed with db4690. Just my 2 cents, but I consider a thermostat a maintenance item and change them in my cars about every 5 years with a Fail Safe thermostat; faulty or not. I do not like being on the road with a suddenly overheating engine.

Any engine I replace, rebuild, or change the head gaskets on also gets a new thermostat.