Ac problem

Read post "Unnecessary AC repair AZ.

I have '94 Toyota Camry LE made in Canada.

Runs good. Problem w/AC. Checked by 2

mechanics. Replaced 2 AC relays. Still no.

W/AC on and blowing, gets hot(20-30 mins)then shuts off and blows hot air. AC on button light begins blinking.

Do I try one more relay switch or take to

dealer or back to last guy for add check.

First guy did thorough check & said AC was

working good. He changed first relay but

it started blinking not too long after.

Do not want to replace AC or car.

Been listening for years.


Has anyone checked to see if the AC clutch or belt is slipping?
(I believe that one of the things that causes the light to flash is if the compressor shaft speed does not match the crankshaft speed - after adjustment for pulley size ratios.)