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2001 Toyota Camry - Ran out of gas. Now problems

I have a 2001 Toyota Camry 4cyl anyways I ran outta gas and then had to replace my fuel pump and filter but now it still won’t crank and the fuel pump is workin and fuel is I checked the hose connected to the filter so it’s gettin fuel and a spark so y is it not cranking

You mean like dead battery not cranking?

It’s not battery or starter

Turn the ignition on so the dash lights come, step on the brake pedal and shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting engine.

If the engine starts, it points to a problem with the transmission range/park-neutral safety switch.


Not crankin. It turns over like it wants to start but nothing

Not sure exactly what you mean. It gets fuel up to the filter and then what? Does fuel come out the other end? I assume the filter was properly installed with the arrow pointing in the correct direction?

I took the hose off to make sure it was gettin fuel

The only other things I can think of are poor compression, a bad crankshaft positioning sensor or worse case scenario… a broken timing belt. However, these would not be caused by running out of gas.

I’m a little confused. They replaced the fuel pump but didn’t start it after that to test it? Running out of gas is not a good idea and it can take quite a while to start again after that. You need to test for fuel pressure though and not just fuel flow. I’d stick with a fuel delivery problem before going in other directions at this point though.

Cranking and turning over, they both mean the same thing.

How did you confirm it’s getting spark ?

And, how did you determine it is getting proper fuel pressure?

So that we are all on the same page…“Cranking” and “Turning over”…are the same thing.
You hear that Urrr urrr,urrr!!! Then it either “Fires, or Fires and starts.”.

I doubt that The pump was the problem in the first place. I think that you have some other problem that has not been identified as of yet.
I have a feeling that the engine died, you were low on gas, and you thought that the pump had failed.

Before throwing any more parts at this, I would check to be sure that the timing belt is intact. This may mean removing the valve cover, unless you can see through the oil fill hole well enough to see if anything is actually moving in there.


Terminology problem. “turns over” means it is cranking.

Cranking means the starter is cranking the engine.

Is the engine cranking over WAY faster than normal?

If so, it’s very likely your timing belt is broken

the good news . . . all engines for the 2001 Camry are non-interference

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Are any of are professional mechanics interested in posting a glossary with definitions of actual automotive terms? Turns over but does not crank is very confusing. Anyone?


Every time I correct somebody’s incorrect term, acronym, abbreviation, etc., I get SLAMMED

an example . . . many people use cps to indicate crankshaft position sensor

When I correct them and say it’s actually ckp . . . I get an earful

No, thank you

Maybe certain people should continue to live in blissful ignorance



Sorry , Rock but that would be a waste of cyberspace because the people who need it would never see it . Or they would argue that the terms were wrong.

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If they won’t read their owners manual for required maintenance, they’re probably not going to read a glossary of terms.


I hear you. My somewhat expertise. I have no school trained/experience expertise beyond 1980 but have learned a lot from this forum. I also disagree with posters who somehow are asking for advise and have already made their decision based on cousin Jethro’s diagnosis. As a fleet mechanic I respect your expertise. My fleet mechanic was very skilled. His assistant who was always learning did lube, oil, and filter. 1980s/90s. I also have a problem with OPs who ask for help then insult our members who try to help given very confusing information. That is why I would appreciate a glossary with definitions.

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I too thought that cps would be the proper abbreviation. According to Wikipedia, ckp is the abbreviation for “Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu” :smile: