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2003 Toyota Camry stalled and died

my 03 Camry stalled and died when getting off the exit ramp, popped the hood and their was oil puddlling on top of transmission. cranks but will not start checked for spark changed coils and plugs still cranks but won’t turnover cleaned fuel injectors also.

For clarity sake and better understanding. Not to be rude or belittling. I know I am misunderstanding, and afraid other might also.

What do you mean,


Usually, to “turnover” means means the crank shaft will rotate usually by engauging the started, sometimes by hand.
Whereas, to crank at minimum means to “turnover”, and sometimes it even means “to start”.
So to say it won’t turnover but it will crank is a bit backwards. Kind of like saying, “it will roll, but it won’t move.” You might be able to have turnover with out cranking (in some instances), but you can’t have cranking without turning over.

All that being said, I am no expert, I am here for the learning. Someone else might understand better than myself what is meant.


A bad crankshaft position sensor will cause an engine to stall and not restart.