2001 Toyota Camry Overheating

I have a 2001 toyota camry ce in Miami, fl which is overheating. the fans seem to come on only if i turn on the a/c. however the temperature still rises and gauge needle hits red. if on idle the fans never come on. observed fluid inside radiator with cap off and it does not run through while on idle with a/c off, it just gets hot. changed thermostat and added new 50-50 antifreeze, still same. i’m suspecting a switch but why is fluid never running even when hot? I even drive it with hood open (unlatched) to let a bit more air in and still overheats, even with a/c on and fans running (again, they only turn on with a/c on), it overheats. pls help keep my toyo-cool

Check the switch, but my guess is the radiator needs to be replaced.

what about the water pump

I have owned more than 40 vehicles since 1965. I have never had one overheat. My current vehicle is a 2010. Why are all of these vehicles overheating?