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'95 Camry 2.2L replaced radiator about 3 wks. ago when I noticed steam from cracked top header. Afterwords, the dash temp gauge would then not come off cold while driving. Installed new coolant sensor (located on driver’s side of engine block near rad. hose connection). Temp gauge then started reading hot (~ 1/8 of gauge span below red level) after driving ~ 8 miles. Replaced thermostat. Still ran hot. Replaced radiator fan switch and still ran hot. Radiator fan does not come on during the high temp, but works in that it turns on when I disconnect the switch from its lead while the engine is running or ignition is in “ON” position. Fuses look good. I’m limping along by running heater full blast and/or running AC which turns on both rad. fans to keep temp near normal range. Any suggestions to what to look at next?

Try another coolant temp sensor…Get a FACTORY part if you can…

Thanks, Caddyman. I was thinking same thing, but it bothers me that the rad. fan won’t come on during normal operation (that’s why I replaced the fan switch). I would like to figure that out before buying another sensor. I think next step is to break out the multimeter and check the sensor (which I will have to read up on). You agree?