Van starts, but many electronics don't work

I have a 2001 Town and Country that starts without fully turning the key. It sounds like the starter is still trying to engage a few seconds after the engine has been running. Also, with the engine running the windows, radio, wipers, and ac blower do not work. However, with the engine off with the key turned to accessory they all function. Any clue? Maybe the ignition actuator?

No, but I suggest you drive to the nearest independant mechanic to diagnose this electrical issue.

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More likely the BCM or the TIPM.

It’s very likely that this is one of Chrysler’s notorious IPM failures.

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Now nothing works with the key on auxiliary, but the widow rolls down when I toggle the key between run and aux.

My first guess is the ignition switch, but it could be any of the above as well. This sort of problem is diagnosed by tracing the power supply voltages of the involved circuits. If you want to do something yourself on the diy’er level, test all the fuses, and do the standard battery & alternator voltage test.

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You might have an ignition switch problem. Captain Obvious thinks it’s broken too.

I replaced the ignition actuator and it fixed all the issues. It wasn’t too difficult. Take off the steering column covers and remove one small T8 safety bolt and replace with a new one. For anyone that doesn’t know what a safety torx bolt is, its a regular torx bolt but with a raised area in the center. Its to keep the novice mechanic from removing it. I had the corresponding torx bit in a roadside kit from Harbor Freight. The new ignition actuator cost $40 at NAPA. Thanks!


Also for car-theft protection.