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2001 Ford F250 - red fluid leak on passenger side

I have a leak on the front passenger side by the tire area it looks red in color what could it be. the truck is 4 wheel drive. Thanks

Test it with your fingers, is it oily? Transmission fluid is the only red oil used in cars and trucks.


Power steering fluid may be red also.

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Good point by OT above, power steering fluid is a pretty common thing to spring a leak. The high pressure hose flexes each time you turn the steering wheel, and an especially ardent flex when you turn the steering wheel all the way to the steering stop, like when parallel parking. All that flexing can wear out the hose where it connects to the steering rack and create a small leak nears its connector. Replacing the hose is usually the only fix available if that’s the problem. When this occurs it’s often possible to find a puddle of PS fluid laying near where that hose connects.

Power steering fluid is a common thing but let’s face it…the gear box is on the left side for a reason

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