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2000 Camry 4cyl a/c compressor leak

The a/c compressor is the nearest thing to the medium slow leak. It’s up against the left upper side of the oil pan, near the timing belt cover. It appears red on the oil pan but more yellow color on the ground. There are no power steering hoses and the pwr steering pump is further back (and tho a bit wet, it’s not leaking) I drove 6-8 mile this morning w no a/c to see if it would still leak…and it did. The power steering resevoir doesn’t seem to be going down. Whata ya recon ? bad compressor ? Is it worth shipping one (no cheap ground shipping to Honolulu) ? …Mike

If the A/C still works, it is not what is leaking. The oil in the A/C is clear, but it may have a leak detector that may be red or could be U/V (appears yellow to the naked eye). I think Toyota still uses red coolant, so check the coolant color and level as soon as you can. Transmission fluid is also red.