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2001 Saturn SL Poor AM/FM Reception

I purchased a used 2001 Saturn SL one year ago with the factory radio installed having poor radio reception. I want to first replace the antenna and coaxial cable but I don’t know what body components need to be disassembled to gain access and how to remove them. Any info. would be appreciated. If this is too difficult a job for a beginner let me know and I will take my car to a professional. Thanks.

The antenna is most likely ok. Check for a bad connection to the radio. There may be a splice connection in the right kick panel.

Don’t go to a shop and say “replace my coax and antenna base” go to the shop and say “I have poor AM/FM reception can you help”.

If you do replace the coax you don’t have to remove the old coax or follow the exact same route as the factory did,you can take shortcuts to make it easier on yourself.

I still want you to do some diagnosis but I have improved AM/FM reception by replacing the antenna base on mid to late 90’s S-Blazers,so sometimes it is the base. Of course make sure the coax it is plugged in at both ends.