2001 Santa Fe Hyundai

My problem is a 2001 Santa Fe Hyundai I just purchased 4 months ago. I got a pretty good deal 63,000 miles very clean for 7,200. I was very happy as it is my wife?s car and you know what I mean she liked it and my life was good.

Well good till the car started stalling and coming back up right away and this only would happen once in awhile. Took it back because I had a 90 day power train warranty and they could not find the problem. And of course the car would not do it while they had it. My regular mechanic finally ended up with it as the warranty ran out. He decided that it could be the alternator as it was not charging like it should. Change the alternator and nothing happened for about two weeks. Now the problem is back, the car stalled twice sense and the dash lights dime and the airbag light comes on and goes off intermitily. The stalling acted the same after replacing the alternator but the dash light problem I explained is new. To me it seems electrical but when they hook it up to the computer to check for codes nothing comes up as wrong. Do you guys think it maybe it is a short or do you guys have a direction you can point me in. I am hoping you guys have tackled this sort of mystery before. I wait with a hopeful motoring heart as mine will not be right till my wife?s is beating happily about a right running car.