2001 Rav 4 and transmission

I have a 2001 Rav 4 that has been maintained at the dealership according to the maintenance schedule, and has 121,000 miles on it. It has developed a problem with the transmission–seems to decide what gear it wants to be in, so you may start out in 3rd and then it shifts down to 2 once you get going, etc. Took it immediately to the dealership and am told that they are seeing this occasionally, and have to replace both the engine control module and the transmission for a total of about $6700, which is about what the car is worth according to Edmunds. I am NOT paying that and have reported to Toyota. Per my local contact, they have offered to pay for 1/2 off the computer part, which would bring the repair to about $6100–still too high. First question is should I just get a new car, or push for more (just how much more) or what? There is discussion online that indicates that this is something that is happening to some Rav’s around this mileage, but nothing has yet been done by Toyota to preempt the problem. I had bought the car assuming that a Toyota would run for at least 200,000 miles, so I am very disappointed!

Personally I would get a new car especially if the symptom does not exhibit itself often for trade in.

Assuming 200k at least of out a car is a bit high. Personally I think 8yrs/150k is what the majority of all cars regardless of brand make it without a serious repair.

2001 was the only year toyotas had bad trouble with autos.
Useing search on ebay between 1994-2001 rav4s 10 show up and 8 of the are 2001.
1994-2001 are called 4.1. 2001-2005 are 4.2s so 2001 is a new model.