Toyota RAV4 2001 Transmission Problems

I have obtained 2 different estimates with different problems coming from the transmission. On one of the estimates, the computer scanner indicated it was the shift solenoid. The mechanic added that based on a sound he hears, he thinks the transmission bearings are worn out. (note: I cannot hear anything that is noticable, but then again I am not trained to hear what he says he’s hearing!) The other mechanic said it was the computer module, which was alot more expensive to repair. Since I have received inconsistent conclusions of the problem, I wanted to ask you folks what your opinion is of the problem. Please note, I decided just to change the shift solenoid to see the results. Since this repair was completed, it still jerks when the transmission shifts the gear when it is cold. Once it gets warm, it runs smoothly without the jerking. Any way, any suggestions? BTW the car has 138k miles on it.


Nancy has good info.
The 2001 rav4 had a lot of trouble with there auto trans.
There is very good answers you can get here too.