HELP ...Transmission issues

I have a 2001 Rav4, it was recently checked… there was no debri in the transmission filter so they changed a sensor($300.00) and I STILL have issues…It acts like its not in gear and its an automatic. As an example…I push the gas …doesn’t go anywhere …then kicks in so hard it will give u whiplash.



When was the transmission fuild and filter last changed. What is the current mileage on the vehicle? Tranmsmission fluid ages and changes chemically; it does not need “debris” in it to become non-functional.

Please give us more info; at that age and higher milaeage you could have a variety of problems not relayed to sensors. Was “they” the dealer or a transmission shop?

The place that I took it to is a regular car shop…not a dealer…they have a computer to put it on and say the codes that come up bad are the sensor they replaced and oxygen sensors which would have nothing to do with the cars acting up…but they did say the transmission oil looked burned. It has 110,000 miles and we have had the car almost four years…and I feel really stupid because I dont beleive my husband has ever had it changed until now. The check engine soon light has remained on the whole time we have had it and were told there was no reason…I wonder if its possible its a computer problem, if its a new transmission I need I’m furious because thats three hundred dollars I wasted.

What were the codes that set??


2001-2005 are called 4.2s and 2001 had alot of trouble with autos.

go to and free sign up and go to 4.2 section and use search for auto transmission for info.After doing this you can post any questions that were not answered. Great site