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2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5 -parked and sat for 5 years... wont turn over

Can anyone suggest what I might try next… so far I’ve replaced…
the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, coil packs, new starter.

update removing old gas now

did you replace the fuel itself?

I don’t see anything about a new battery. Did you replace that?


Define “Won’t turn over”
For most of us, this means that when you turn the key, that the engine doesn’t budge. Is this what you mean? Or do you mean the engine cranks, but won’t start.

There are different paths to follow depending on which you mean.

Also, telling us what kind of car, engine, transmission, etc of the vehicle you are working on can help.

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2001 oldsmobile Aurora 3.5
Sat for 5 years
Turns over but wont start

I did not replace the fuel… it has half a tank. I’m sure it’s bad but how exactly should I tackle that?

Yes battery is new

I didnt replace the fuel

well, that old fuel will most likely clog your shiny-new fuel filter and may even ruin your new fuel pump :frowning:
still, if it happens to clog your injectors it will be even worse

try siphoning as much as you can, then fill with fresh to dilute with something what would finally ignite

use TopTier graded gas going forward to slowly/gently remove all the contaminants accumulated in the system, you do not need a huge dose of cleaners to make the dirt flake and plug something

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Oh no, how can I tell if it has destroyed my bran new fuel pump? I know it is getting fuel to the rail.

most likely it did not destroy it, but you do not want to push your luck, so get rid of old fuel as completely as you can and hope for the best

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Take some starting fluid and spray some into the intake of the engine, and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts and runs for a moment, replace the gas in the gas tank.



You might also try dripping a small amount of fuel right into the intake. Put the air cleaner and all back on in case it tries to catch fire. Try starting the car then. If you are getting spark, the engine may run enough and injectors free up enough that the car starts running on its own. Only use a soda bottle capful or two.

Old bad gas usually has a very specific smell to it. It smells dead or something. It may or may not run but if you have this smell, you definitely need to remove it before trying to start the car.

we did spray a little bit of starter fluid… And the car did turn over for a second but it caught fire.

Right now I’m trying to follow the advice of removing all the old gas…

I will keep ya posted.

Thank you all for your help

That is why I suggested putting the air cleaner back on. They also serve to put out a fire before it can start. Using starting fluid or raw gas is when that will happen.

You may also have to remove and clean the injectors.

Thank you for your help. Will make sure to do that first next time.