2001 olds aurora



Most days it takes several times for the ignition to “turn over” When it does and I back it out of the garage it “bucks” Then I drive it a block or so and it stalls and I have no power steering. My mechanic ran it through the computer and couldnt find anything.

the “check engine” llight does not come on.

Also it seems somethig is sticking in the fuel line. When I take my foot off the gas it goes up to 25 to 35 mph.


How many miles on the car and how many miles since you last replaced: plugs, plug wires, oil, oil filter fuel filter, air filter?


95,000 miles. Oil and filter were just replaced last week but I dont know about the others? Probably quite some time.


Have the fuel pressure regulator checked-these were problems. Oil and filter have nothing to do with the car starting and “turning over” usually refers to the starter cranking the engine over, not starting. I think you mean it has extended cranking before starting and then stalls. If it only does it cold, may have to leave it overnight so that they can see what it does in the morning.


If you never changed plugs and wires now is a good time. If you have your old repair records, check them to see if the plugs were ever replaced. The interval is probably about 50,000 miles.


I dont know about the others? Probably quite some time.

Congatulations on answering the question honestly. Few do. In that lest were a few things that could well casue the problem you describe IF they have been neglected. Frankly it is very unlikly that the oil and filter would have caused it. I suggest you start with the rest of the list. It is very possible, or even provablle that doing so will not solve your problem, but it needs to be done and it might fix it. If it does not fix it at least it will make finding what is really the problem easier.


Thanks for all your replies. The mechanic just called and told me it needs an EGR valve and will be $400 just for the part. Kill me now. But I love this car. Am I crazy to keep putting expensive repairs into it? Last month it was a $400 part for the rear passengers side window. It wouldn’t stay up.