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2001 Oldsmobile Alero - finding a shop to repair the water pump

2001 Oldsmobile Alero GL, 97,407 mileage. Coolant light was on, went to repair shop, water pump needs to be replaced. They won’t do it, they wanted it done by certified repair shop, they do not have the tool to do it. they also said that the car was fine, other than this

tried to contact authorized repair shop, did not get a returned call. contacted Al’s car repair, they looked up the repair and found that it is a 7 hour job due to the location of the water pump, estimate $750-850. repair cost not not an issue.

went through repair receipts and found that the water pump was replaced 10/07/2010, mileage 62,371. timing belt was replaced and I can’t remember, but I think that water pump was replaced with the timing belt because of it’s location. checked and a timing belt and water pump should be replaced every 60,000 - 90,000 miles. car is driven around 4000 miles a year, this includes two trips that are around $1400 miles, so it sits a lot. I am not sure if that would have an impact on the water pump.

contacted a non-authorized car dealer repair shop, and while they are not authorized they do have GM mechanics, they stated that they could not find the cost of the water pump, but estimated that labor would be around $700.

questions, new car or repair? al’s car repair or dealership, authorized or non-authorized?

By who? You? Or some extended warranty place?

New car or repair? Not enough data to answer. You didn’t tell us about the condition of the Alero.

Is the water pump leaking? If not, your problem is elsewhere.

Change your timing belt, it is 9 years old. Time OR mileage - whichever comes first, and your time is up - is the recommended interval.

If the coolant had not been changed at regular intervals I suspect that could shorten the life of the water pump.
Any reputable shop that agrees to perform the work and provides a warranty for their work should be okay.
The receipt you found should state all the parts replaced. Usually the part and price is listed, labor cost is listed separately. Pump not listed in parts, then pimp not replaced.
With the time lapse since last timiming belt replacement I would have that, along with the serpentine belt replaced while replacing the water pump.

A repair shop that can’t pick up the phone and call the parts house they use ?

Kevin , this should not be a major problem and what do you mean by authorized ?

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