How Much Moulah To Changs A '99 Cavalier 4 Cyl Water Pump?

My friends teenage daughter is driving a '99 Cavalier with the 2.2 4 Cylinder. She has a small coolant leak, so took it to a local repair shop 2000 miles away from where her dad, my friend lives. She’s in Chandler Az, having just graduated school there.

They quoted $985!!! That’s for the water pump, lower hose and bypass hose, and serpentine belt. Another shop quoted $650. For that price, my freind could fly me there and I would do the repair!

My question is, how many hours is “allotted” for this water pump? Is it a really complicated one, where the engine has to be dropped, or something rediculous?

It looks like too much for that job, should cost 120/hr for 2 hours and the parts cost. The engine does not need to be dropped or so as you may see in the attachment, I did it on my own Cavalier. I would apply the late boat payment principle here.

$120 hr??? Jeez, even the New Car dealer’s here in upstate NY get under $100, I think??? The 2nd shop said 1/2 day, and the 1st shops estimate didn’t show up on my email… I can call them back. Curious!!!
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Looks too high. A few years back my water pump on a 1984 Impala V8 was replaced for $225, even with inflation that would be no more than $400 today.

I do not know how much flat rate time is allotted for this particular job but assuming someone is being ripped off because one does not like the price does not mean for one second that anything evil is going on.
Flat rate labor charges are usually higher towards the west coast and may exceed 200 dollars an hour in places.

That’s the problem now. An automobile is the tool that people use every single day without giving it a second thought. When that tool breaks their apple cart is upset because the majority of people simply don’t like even the mere thought of spending money to repair that tool so the assumption of ripoff immediately sets in.
She was given 2 estimates so what’s the problem?

And before blindly assuming this job is easy, a quick look at the manual shows one engine variant is not quite so difficult. The other variant is considerably more involved.
If you’re going to fly out then take plenty of tools just in case it’s the latter.

I was hoping someone was familiar with that car… $200??? an hour

Again, knowing what engine is in the car and breaking the bill down could help. If the 900 dollar quote was from a dealer then of course dealers have higher labor rates. Their overhead is higher, much higher, than an independent shop.
The dealer will also likely be using a new GM water pump which is also going to be much higher in price than one from the local parts house.

I’ve had pretty good results with the estimates generated by

They tend to match my mechanic’s price within about 5 or 10%.

Are we sure it’s a 2.2L OHV and not the 2.4L OHC engine. There is a BIG difference in the labor required.