1997 Olds Aurora 128,000 miles

3 issues: One, my car is hard to start below 60 degrees. Two, my transmission “lurches” into second gear intermittantly. Three, engine bogs down sometimes after starting (wrm)for about a minute when in drive. I am planning on replaceing the O2 sensors, the EGR valve, Plugs and wires (according to the engine codes)… will this most likely take care of all these concerns?

Doing the routine maintenance could help. Why would you want to replace the egr valve, or O2 sensors?
What engine code? Be specific.

What specific engine codes (like P0123)? Why are you replacing the O? sensor and EGR? Assuming we are talking about a automatic transmission, have you ever changed the fluid? What does the fluid look and smell like? How long were those plugs and wires in there? Did you buy EOM or designer or cheap wires and plugs? How about air and fuel filters, when were they replaced last?

I strongly advise against your approach. The EGR is $500 alone, and cleaning the passages requires pulling the transmission. Unless you have evidence of an EGR problem or O2, leave them alone.

This one has a history of fuel regulator problems and eats coils and wires. If you are changing wires, change plugs too and the coils. A wire or coil problem though will cause more of a miss than a hard start or lurch. The hard start is more a fuel regulator issue.

The lurching could well be a problem with the shift solenoids. These were problematic too, but usually ends up forcing you to 2nd gear from 70 mph. I’d get the fluid changed and let a trans shop check it out.

I do not know the exact codes, but a computer scan found the codes stored many times; both for the sensor before the catylist and one after… The transmission fluid was changed by previous owner. I think the plugs and wires are original. wires were rusty inside, but the plugs were not worn too much. Air filter changed six months ago; still looks new. As far as changing the o2 and egr, would that not help in the overall health of the engine and increase fuel efficiency??? Once started, it runs great 99% of the time.