2015 Honda Civic grinding noise after brake change

I just put on new front and rear brakes changed everything from my honda dealer pads and rotors and now I get a grinding noise which I never had before with orginal brakes.is this normal with new brakes or do they need an adjustment from my dealer.

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if you here a squealing sound it could be from the heat shield behind the rotor slightly hitting the rotor.

Are you sure you installed the pads correctly? Friction material to the rotor both inside and outside pads?

Recheck your work, there is nothing the dealer would need to adjust.

The dealer did the job not me.*

Well then call the dealer as you should have some kind of warranty.


then you should bring it back if it is still making noise. you paid for it, it should be done correctly.


This statement tells me YOU did the work.

But since the dealer did the work, take it BACK and complain about the grind. It should not be doing that.

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