2001 Nissan Pathfinder

What causes my 2001 Pathfinder to “jerk” slightly to the left or right when I take my foot off the gas while at cruise speeds? It also does the same thing when I put my foot back on the gas.

Automatic or manual transmission? How many miles on it? Has the transmission fluid and filter ever been changed? Have you checked the transmission fluid?

Car has 130,000 miles. Auto trans. Trans fluid level is OK but has not been changed. Not sure about the trans. filter being changed… probably not. There is something of a “thud” sound from the rear end upon accelerating from a dead stop. I suspected worn CV joints, but dealer said not. Could it be the rear end, or axle bearings?

Thanks for advice.

I think this was the last year of this particular problem. The vehicle comes with rear suspension bars…and the bushings wear out. The symptoms are dead on to this known problem.

You have two options…replace the bushings or replace the rods and bushings. The rods will have to be inspected to see if they are good. If you can’t do the work yourself this is NOT going to be cheap. Very labor intensive (8+ hours).

Thanks much. I may be able to do it.