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2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Clutch slipping intermittently

The clutch doesn’t slip all the time. Sometimes when I put it in third then put the peddle to the floor, it slips for half a second then grabs. Lately noticed it in 4th and 5th gear too. When it does slip, it slips the whole trip. Then later that day it might not slip at all. At first I thought clutch was going, but when does a clutch get better? From what I remember it usually stays the same or gets worse. The fact that there’s days it grabs perfect without a slip, leads me to believe something else is causing it. Maybe it’s not disengaging or engaging fully… linkage problem perhaps? I did a quick bleed, hoping it was air. Was better for a couple days after that, then started slipping again. Any help would be appreciated, don’t have money to bring it into a shop. Thanks.

It’s possible the clutch master or slave cylinder is sticking and failing to allow the clutch to fully meet up with the flywheel I suppose. Some combination of replacing those cylinders, bleeding the hydraulics, and making sure the pedal adjustment is correct could fix it. But if this is the original clutch, I think most likely you’ll be getting a new one in the near future.

I haven’t gone through the bad-clutch problem symptoms yet, so I don’t know how they typically progress. But it wouldn’t surprise me that they’d be better some days than others. The temperature of the parts for example could change day to day due to ambient conditions, or the type and number of miles driven that day.

Probably wishful thinking. If the clutch engagement point seems to be staying the same, the clutch is toast. Like George said, it could be that at this “just-started-slipping” point, a change in temperature is making the difference.