2001 Mercury Grand Marquis AC won’t blow cold

my a/c doesn’t blow cold air at all, the compresser still comes on, I replaced a relay switch and I tried to put Freon, into it but it would not take it. I’m thinking that the lines might be blocked what can I do???

Since you replaced a relay switch for some undisclosed reason and tried to put freon in (it actually uses R134) but haven’t explained why it would not take it, I’d guess you are not a trained AC tech nor do you have the proper tools to work on what can be a rather dangerous system.

I’d suggest taking it to a auto AC pro as they have the proper equipment to remove and capture the coolant as well as the ability to determine what is wrong.


I second the notion that the best path forward is to let an AC specialist shop do the diagnosis and repair. AC repair mistakes can prove very costly. If you want to diy’er fix your car’s AC you’ll need to first get something like this product so you can make a basic assessment of the situation. Do you have something like that yet?