Air conditoner compressor in my 2001 buick regal

a friend says that my compressor isnt working in my car because the ac dose not blow cold air, had it recharged still not cold. Right after it was first charged slightly cold like 78 now its like 88.Had it checked for a leak and none was found. can you help me ? I am not to cheap to take to mechanic just am on budget. please help! Rosie

Was the system recharged by a professional or was this just buy a can of juice at the auto parts store and shoot it in?

it was just a part store can of freon.

Proper diagnosis and repair of automotive AC systems requires specialized equipment and knowledge. In my opinion all AC problems require a trip to a shop equipped with the necessary equipment and training to do the job correctly.

If the system needs refrigerant it means the old refrigerant leaked out. That means there IS a leak, whether you can see it or not.

Take the car to someone who knows what he or she is doing.

is it possible to install an air conditioner compressor at home?

Yes, you can do the mechanical work, but you don’t have the equipment to evacuate the old refrigerant, dry the system, and install the new refrigerant.

This requires a pro.

Why are you convinced the compressor is bad? The compressor won’t work if there’s not enough refrigerant in the system, but that’s to protect the compressor from self-destruction, and it doesn’t mean the compressor is shot.