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AC no longers cools

How do you diagnose and repair a non working AC? The blowers still work, but no cold air blows.

Probably low on Freon/R134A. If it’s R134, you can buy a can with leak stop at the auto parts store with the hose attachment and fill it yourself. I forget which side to fill it on, low or high. Someone here can answer that I’m sure.

You take it to a shop that specializes in A/C. These systems are not DIY things.

Some people do use those recharge kits available at auto parts stores in some places. But they aren’t really a good idea. Even if the system is just low in refrigerant, it is because it is leaking - and fixing the leak means messing with the system - which isn’t DIY.

I agree. I always take AC problems to a shop with the proper equipment and expertise, neither of which I have.

I disagree. If the coolant is low, there is a reason, like a leak, and if so, that leak should be fixed properly.

It is more likely to be a malfunctioning compressor, but in any case, the OP should go to a professional air conditioning technician for a proper diagnosis and repair. Air conditioning is not a DIY issue. It’s a professional issue.

tszczotka, the kits knfeinmore mentions are a waste of money 99.9% of the time, and when they are not a waste of money, they are just a stopgap measure that doesn’t last.