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2001 Lexus IS 300 - trac/ABS/airbag lights are blinking

Doea anyone know why my trac and abs lights keep on blinking alont with the airbag light also the parking brake light stays on constantly even if the ebrake is not in use not sure what is going on

The brake light is ON because it senses a fault in your brakes - VERY unsafe! Check the brake fluid level first. If it is a little low, you likely need new brake pads at the least. If it is VERY low, below the “min” level, you have a leak. The ABS/trac light is on because your brake light is on. That could mean the ABS unit has a serious problem or it may be on simply because your brake light is on. In any event it is a SERIOUS problem that needs to be addressed by a professional with a scan tool. NOW. Maybe even TOW it to a service shop.

The airbag light? Just means the airbags will not work in a crash. Why it is on is a question for a mechanic with a scan tool that can read airbag error codes.


In addition to supporting Mustangman’s good suggestions, I would like to know if the car’s Check Engine Light is also lit-up.