2001 Jetta 1.8T electrical problems

Experiencing very weird electrical issues with my 2001 Wolsfburg edition Jetta 1.8T. Sometimes when I come to a stop light the car will die. I’ll turn the key and here “clicks” and see flickering dashboard items. I’ve found if I power the locks up and down several times eventually the electric system engages again, and I can start the vehicle. Before the system engages, the locks will only slide up/down slowly or not fully. I encounter these electric issues moreso during cold & wet weather. To avoid having the car die, I’ll keep my engine revved up at stoplights. I’ve sometimes experienced other random electric issues. For example, while driving on the freeway last week I turned on my headlights. I heard 3 loud beeps. I think a couple dashboard lights came on (not the check engine). Sometimes these beeps/lights occur just during normal driving, and almost always when I come to the next stop the car then dies. Battery has been tested and is fine. Ignition coil recall performed, still has issues. Read on the Internet of many people experiencing these issues, with no one posting a successful resolution.

The first thing to do for this kind of trouble is remove the battery connections from the battery and clean the contact surfaces of the battery posts and connectors with a battery post cleaning brush. If that dosen’t fix the trouble then clean the battery to chassis ground connection and check the main power lead to the fuse panel under the hood for any connection problems. Check the alternator output connection also since your there.