Possessed Jetta

Twice now in the past week, my 2001 Jetta has become possessed. While driving along, the radio turns off. Then the warning lights all come on. If I use the turn signal the radio springs back to life and other weird electrical things happen. Eventually the car stalls. When I try to restart it, the warning lights all come on and the dashboard makes a click-click-clicking sound, and that’s it. The first time, my mechanic said the alternator wasn’t working correctly, but that he revved the engine and it kicked in. He then tested the alternator and battery and said both were ok. Is this an alternator problem? Something else?

It certainly does sound like a failing alternator.
However, a bad electrical connection could also explain the multiple problems.
I would suggest that you find an “auto electric” specialist in your area.

Sounds to me like you have corroded batt terminals and or a ground issue. Make sure that your battery terminals and clamps are clean greased and tight… Also follow the ground wire from the batt to the engine…usually near the block near the battery…clean and tighten this as well. Buy the 3 dollar battery wire brush…has internal and external wire brushes to clean the batt posts and cable clamps…

The alternator needs to be tested as well but if you have dirty contacts at the clamps or the batt posts…start there first… VERY IMPORTANT to have these connections clean and tight… Check this first and the alternator second…The alternator could be having an issue with a stuck brush not contacting the commutator …its an internal Alternator thing…