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2001 Jeep Wrangler: No Heat

I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler with a 4.0 straight 6. The heater blower does not work. I have taken it into Jeep, and they are just taking stabs in the dark at the problem (which has cost me a small fortune). They told me the blower motor was bad. They replaced it. Nothing. They then said my resistor was bad. Once again, nothing. They have also replaced my heat temp. speed switch, ignitions switch, and a relay. All lead to an expensive no fix situation. My frustration with the jeep dealer and not having heat is just about enough to cause a melt down. I have looked at it personally. The blower works, when attatched to a battery, but a light tester says it gets power to the blower. I am very confused. Please let me know if you have ANY ideas.



P.S. Yes, I have checked the fuses (unless there is a hidden one).

Do you have an ohmmeter? Does the blower circuit have a good ground?

Quit paying for the unprofessional work.

You really need to have a talk with that Dealer’s Service Manager.

I’m confused by the description. It says the blower works when attached to a battery - are you saying a direct 12v connection rather than via the car’s wiring? Then you said “but a light tester says it gets power” - so you said the blower motor works and gets power?

If that is so, then pull out a volt/ohm meter and check how much power the blower gets.