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'Squealing in the Rain'

I’ve had a squealing coming from the engine or front passenger side of my 2001 Sonata for about 3 years now. It only happens in the rain. I have had both belts replaced twice!, and also pulleys tightened. All the mechanics tell me this should fix it, which it doesn’t. If I drive through a large puddle of water on the passenger side, while the squeal is going, it always stops…for about 5 seconds.

Any suggestions?

Based on your description of events, it sure sounds like a belt issue and I would have replaced the belt just like the mechanics did. If new belts didn’t cure the squealing, you may wish to determine if any of the pulleys are out of alignment. Did you have any work done that involved removing one of the belt-driven accessories?

While the preceding advice is valid, there is another possibility.
Is it possible that a factory-installed splash guard underneath the engine compartment fell off, was damaged, or was purposely removed by someone?

These insignificant-looking plastic or fiberglass parts are there for a purpose–such as blocking water that would cause problems with the belts and pulleys. It may be necessary to take the car to a dealership in order to determine if a splash guard is missing.

I think VDCdriver is correct. Any belt (new or old) will squeak if water gets on it. If there’s suppose to be a splash guard and it’s missing then this could be the cause.

I would also be inclined to agree with VDC. I’d also be inclined to perhaps replace the belt tensioner. It doesn’t take much slack to cause problems.