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2001 Honda Odyssey transmission advice needed

I had my Honda Odyssey transmission replaced 2 years ago. The past few months, in the first mile that I drive the car on streets in our neighborhood, the car goes into high RPMs (about 3000) before it seems to drop into gear. It does this 2 or 3 times then works fine after that. The “Check engine” light is now on all the time. Sometimes, the car does one other weird thing–the high RPMs end with the drive/D4 light flashing on and off like a blinker (even if I change gears to D3. When this happens, if I turn the ignition off it comes back on and seems to function fine.
I have had it back to the shop that did the work about 4-5 times to get it right. I like the guys but each time they return it to me, the problem remains. I took a 2000 mile trip with it and with the exception of this persistent problem, the van worked fine.

Any idea what is going on?

You will have to start with that check engine light. It might be a speed or temp sensor causing all this. I am surprised the shop has not started from there or maybe there is more to the story. What does the shop say as far as the problem and their fix?

Please tell us how many miles your Odyssey has accumulated.

The Check Engine Light is an early warning system, alerting you to a developing problem, or problems. I suggest you deal with the cause of the CEL, and then see if the transmission works correctly.