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2001 Honda CR-V rear door lock issues

I have an 01 Honda CR-V i got from my parents about 5 yrs ago. They always had issues with this sometimes oiling it like every other month. sometimes that didn’t even help. There is something that the lever that the hatch glass presses jams and either it won’t open, or won’t stay closed. I wanted to pull the inside plastic cover off and put some grease the joints, see if maybe somethings bent. I took like 30 min trying to figure out how the cover comes off, but saw no way.

I have been using a small hole on it by the mechanism on the inside to grab the linkages and moving them to open or to reset. At least to me it seems the outside handle is the majority of the issue.

Anyone seen this, or know any good fixes?

This guy did a sloppy job lubing everything, but it worked.