2001 Honda Accord Sdn - It all started with the trunk light

I know my trunk light was on due the lock being broke…I get in the car and the battery was clicking so I jumped the car and it cut rite on…I did notice my positive cable was loose but I did drive it for about 30 mins with the loose cable I was trying to tighten it but it wouldn’t so after a few mins of sitting there the car cut off no power I got a jump it started up I drove it back home when I parked I turned it off in right back on then I tried it again but got nothing is the the battery or alternator need help

You have a trunk light on that will drain the battery and you don’t remove for some reason I can’t fathom.

You have a loose battery cable and you don’t clean tighten it.

Don’t you think those two items need to be addressed first.