I damaged my electrical system on my 1985 Honda Accord SEi. Please advise if possible. Thank you

After leaving my parking lights on and totally draining my good battery, I jumped my 1985 Honda Accord SEi 1.8L (F/I) ES3 A/T Sedan. After hooking up the cables to both cars, I left the Mercedes running for about 20-30 minutes as the '85 Honda would not start–NOT A CLICK!! I was mystified. I checked the connections, and they were warm on the M-B. The sealed battery in the '85 Honda was so HOT that I could not leave my palm in contact on it’s side. It was hissing, and I shut everything down. Voltage in the hot battery was 2.3 V. I thought I had ruined it. The next day I put it on a charger, and it came up to 12.8 V. and held it. AMAZING–. It was O.K. The Honda still would not turn over. I checked the Fuses in the PDC next to the battery, and one 65 Amp Main Fuse (thin, metal link 3/8" x 3") was melted/ blown. I “jury-rigged” that temporarily, and the car starts fine. Now, my problem is that I have no Dash lights. What other damage could I have done? Thank you guys so much for your past help. — Carl -------

Assumming you didn’t reverse the polarity when you tried to jump it, check all the fuses, then check the bulbs and see if you blew them out. I will never use my car to jump start anyone.

You temporarily reversed the polarity of the battery when you tried to jump it. You re-reversed the polarity the next day with the charger. Even though it started the car, that battery is toast — literally, not figuratively. If your only problem now is the dash lights, consider yourself lucky and thank the powers-that-be for the fusible link.

If it starts and runs, chances are other damage will be minimal. Count your blessings. And, check the bulbs if the instrument cluster fuse is still good.

positive to positive

negative to negative…

If all other lights in these drawings don’t work it’s more than likely the under dash fuse 18. There is also a dimmer amp if all the lights are out. I if only the gauge assembly lights don’t work, you may have blown them out by themselves.

Please help. I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo that I purchased for my son a short time ago. My problem is that the tail lights and the dash lights are not working I have talked with seven different auto machanics and everyone of them say different things are causing that malfuntion. His turn signal’s work, the headlights work, gages are working radio is fine brake lights work,it’s just tail lights and dash lights are not working. I have had some problems with finding help in this area. I hope I’m clear with my explanation of my issue. I plan on doing the work myself.

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