2007 VS Passat headlight malfunction

Hi everyone, I have an 07 Passat Wagon. The headlight malfunction indicator light came on for my passenger side low beam. I replaced the bulb, which was visibly burn out (broken filament), but with a new bulb in, the light still is not working and the malfunction indicator is still on. Any ideas about the cause of this? I have the regular headlamps, not the xenon lights.

It is possible that the new bulb is defective. If this isn’t the case, obtain a voltmeter–they cost under $10 for one that will do the job. Use it to see if there is voltage at the socket that attaches to the bulb. There are probably 3 slots–one is high beam, one is low beam and one is ground. Turn on the low beam and see if you have power across two of the slots–I think the center is ground. Then turn on the high beam and measure. If you aren’t getting voltage, then check your owner’s manual to see if there is fuse protection for each headlight. The fuse may have blown when the filament blew.

Oh that’s a good thought. I bet it is a fuse. I’ll check that. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll post back here after I check.