2001 Ford Taurus Backup Lights / Neutral Safety Switch

I have intermittent backup light failure. I have replaced the neutral safety switch which did not resolve the issue. I am trying to make sense of the connected wires on the switch to see which one sends the signal to the lights. I have attached a picture. Any schematic or information on testing these wires would be appreciated.

Do you see wires that are black w/yellow stripe or black w/pink stripe?

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, that is the third set of wires from the left.

Have you ruled out the shift cable being out of adjustment just a little, no play in the shift cable/bushing(s), gear lever bushing if it has one (no I didn’t look)…

Did you get a used one with the pigtail or replace it with a new switch???

From what I can tell the power to the reverse lights starts at fuse 236 (15 A), goes to pin 9 (presumably on that switch) via a black/yellow wire. When trans selector is in R, the switch connects the black/yellow wire with the black/pink wire. Suggest next step is to test that theory using your switch and ohm meter on the lab bench.

I installed a new switch. I bought the pigtail so I could run tests easier. Just not sure how to corner the problem.

Have you moved the shifter a little forward/backward to see if the lights would come on?? You will either need to be backed up close to something with a reflective surface such as a window or glass door or have help… Heck, I have even stolen my wife’s makeup mirror and set it so I could see brake light etc… But I also have a couple of back up alarms that make it audible so I don’t have to be looking…

BTW, You did not say you ruled out the out of adjustment shift cable (and stuff) is why I ask…

Thanks, that is valuable information. I am not strong at testing procedures but when I just plugged the pigtail into the installed switch, put the car in reverse, there was no continuity at those wires. Hope that was a valid test…

Yes, I have wiggled it all around and they either work, or not - - usually not.

I didn’t mention that there is an after-market reverse video camera tapped into the reverse light wire in the rear. I am not sure if that could factor in.

That is a very good posbility.

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