2001 Ford Ranger 3.0/v6 2wd automatic transmission

My truck has 112,000 miles on it and I have been having a slight delay in the transmission from 1st to 2nd. The switch is easily felt but, it’s not a hard clunk when it engages. After that there’s no problem. Additionally, when I switch to reverse it can take a full second to feel it engage before I give it gas. The transmission fluid looks fine and the levels are fine, too. Have not had a flush done and but I was thinking about changing the fluids and seal.
Also, wanted to ask about my rear suspension. The leaf springs have lost a bit of their spring and was wondering if those “add a leaf” kits are worth it. The truck rides level but any loads in the bed cause it to really sag. I put new shocks in which improved the quality but the concern is just the leafs.
Any advice?


“The leaf springs have lost a bit of their spring”

Please elaborate

Is the truck sagging in the back?

Do you have a bouncy ride, like a yo yo?

I would do a trans fluid and filter service . . . NO FLUSH

A very large percentage of cars here fall under the severe usage category

As such, your truck is probably way overdue for a trans service, because, according the Ford factory maintenance schedule, your trans fluid is due for service every 30K

Many truck ride better with a load in the bed, versus an empty bed

I would worry more about the delayed shifts before worring about the springs.

You said that the transmission fluid looked fine. But to check the real condition of the transmission fluid, take a sample of the transmission fluid from the transmission and put it on a paper towel. Now take a sample from a bottle of new transmission fluid and place it next to the sample from the transmission. If the sample from the transmission is darker than the sample from the bottle, the fluid is used up and requires replacement.

And yes, those Add-A-Leaf kits do work. I added these to my F150 when the band gear I hauled around caused the rear of my truck to squat.


Thanks for the comments. The fluid does look fine in comparison but I don’t know when the last transmissin check was done and will jump on it. The ride isn’t bouncy but the capacity is definetly less as the springs are worn. I may even try rearching the springs but I think an add a leaf will suit my purposes. Thaks again.

“the springs are worn”

Please elaborate

Is the truck sagging in the rear?

If so, your springs technically need to be replaced

Did you overload the bed in the past?

Even once?

How were you planning on re-arcing the springs?


Replace the rear leaf springs

It’s not going to cost the world