1998 Ford Ranger - Trans issue

Put in reverse goes great. Put it in drive it takes a while before it moves. Seems like it’s in second slow

Is the transmission fluid at the right level? Is the color good?

Have the transmission fluid changed and see if the situation improves. Then start saving for either a new transmission or a new truck.

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But, it’s ONLY 22 years old!


That’s how I feel about my 30 and 38 year old truck’s.

It’s not my place to tell the OP to replace his truck. If he wants to have it fixed that’s up to him.

Nor is it my place to make such a recommendation, but then–hopefully–reality will take effect.

Well, one can hope.

My 62 Caddy is on its original transmission ( and probably fluid). While the odometer shows 91,000 miles, I have no idea how many times it’s rolled past 100,000. If you had no experience with early hydramatics, you’d think it was broken, but it’s working just as designed. It moves 3 feet in first gear before an imperceptible shift to second. Than a long acceleration in second before a slow firm shift into third. Than an almost immediate, imperceptible shift to fourth gear.

Yeah it’s all good. It’s the shift solenoid

Good to hear. Here’s to many more miles.